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January 25, 2007


My friend used to use the bad DVD's as coasters in her house.

Thing is I have no love for the movie or music "industries" so instead of paying inflated prices to Virgin Records or whoever I will purposely buy knock offs.
BTW last time I was down in Vietnam I got a box set of the first 4 seasons of the West Wing for a song, and the quality is fine.
Anyway why give a shit after my dearly beloved turned down (free) tickets to see the Stones at Shea.
I guess it's that she didn't want to be seen at the Mets place!!!!!!!!!

Maybe she turned them down, cuz they suck. I woulda.

Heh. I remember someone giving me a huge box of "copy DVDs" from China. Only they weren't copies: they were DVDs burned from covert tape taken by someone at a movie theater. The sound was awful, but it was particularly annoying to see someone from an aisle closer to the screen get up and walk across the camera's view just when the good part started to happen!

Yup...we've had our share of those. That was essentially what the Night at the Museum disc was. It's always hit and miss with those discs. Yours, and mine, were definite misses.

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