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July 08, 2006


I feel I have to jump in here as I cannot listen to a bad word about Singapore.
I don't give a f**k about civil liberties what I do care about is the safety of my family, when our daughter was a long term patient at Mt Elizabeth hospital my wife and I did a tag team job of being with her and getting some sleep at the nearby Marriott hotel, it's probably the only place on earth these days where I could allow my wife to walk the couple of blocks from hospital to hotel at any time day or night without fear that some jerk was going to abuse her, don't give me any shit about Singapore, you have no f*****g idea.

But, Stevo...what is wrong with petiitoning one's government through the media? Sounding off about what you disagree with is nowhere near daily crime prevention and fighting.

I agree with you...and I think most would...Singapore is a great place. But, why can't the government handle a little opposition? Why are they afraid of voices? Even Hong Kong, run by the commies, does not silence its critics (tries to...but it cannot ban, fire or arrest them the way Singapore can).

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